The people behind the game

The Big Easy Budget Game was created by the People's Budget New Orleans (PB NOLA) campaign of the Committee for a Better New Orleans. PB NOLA is made up of community members, non-profit organizations and civic groups who advocate for better resident engagement in New Orleans' city budget process.

Our motto is simple:

It's your city. It's your money. You decide.

We believe that the more you understand about how our government works and how it decides to spend its money, the better you can fight for your neighborhood and hold government accountable.

Special thanks to:

A special thank you to the Kresge Foundation — Organizational Effectiveness Program Fund via the Greater New Orleans Foundation's Pitch It! Challenge, Baptist Community Ministries, and Southbound Design.

Our organization's history

The Committee for a Better New Orleans, the parent organization of PB NOLA, celebrates its 50th Anniversary in 2016. A product of the Civil Rights Movement, CBNO is the result of a merger with the Metropolitan Area Committee that was the first organization of its kind to cross lines of race and class. Today CBNO runs the PB NOLA campaign and works to implement the Citizen Participation Plan, a formal, city wide civic engagement structure that can change the way we make decisions in New Orleans.

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